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  • Evaluation for selection purposes
  • Evaluation for development purposes
  • Evaluation for medico-legal / psycho-legal purposes
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Evaluation for Selection purposes – Comparing candidates to positions

Employees are hired and placed in positions with the objective of achieving maximum levels of productivity. Accuracy in the prediction of job performance is therefore a vital ability and skill when selecting candidates for appointment. Various sources are used to predict performance, such as – application forms, CV’s, interviews, recommendations, background and reference checks and school grades. Research proved that these sources only have a 20 – 25 % accuracy rate in predicting performance. However, by combining these sources with psychometric tests, you can be assured of a better, safer and scientific way of predicting performance.

By making use of psychometric evaluations it is possible to minimize the chances of making costly mistakes. Statistics prove that a wrong employment decision can actually cost a company as much as twice the annual remuneration of the incumbent of a particular position when recruitment, orientation and training costs, as well as the cost of under performance are taken into consideration. Psychometric tests are scientifically developed to help predict job performance by comparing the candidate’s abilities and characteristics with the job requirements.


Evaluation for Development purposes – Investing in human potential

Psychometric tests are also used for developmental purposes (such as the development of supervisory and management skills, as well as the identification of team roles, strengths and weaknesses) and also form an important part of selection programs for bursary grants.

Career guidance for Gr 12 scholars, students and working adults is another evaluation service that Schoombee, Wessels & Associates offer our clients – important career decisions may be supported by accurate personal information like learning potential, general intellectual capacity, personality factors, values & drivers, and career interests.

The return on investment in human potential can be substantial, but only if such decisions are based on high quality relevant information – our professional evaluations may offer direct input towards achieving this goal.


Evaluation for Medico-legal / Psycho-legal purposes – compensating injured people fairly

A person’s capacity to work and subsequent potential to earn may be negatively impacted by a car accident, a work place incident, a violent criminal incident, medical negligence incident and more. The professional opinion of one of Schoombee,Wessels & Associates’ experienced Industrial Psychologists may offer input to quantifying the loss of past and future earnings due to the accident / incident in question, and may form an important element in claims against insurance companies, the Road Accident Fund etcetera. Due to our uncompromised values of objectivity and integrity, we perform such evaluations for both claimant / plaintiff and defendant parties.

Schoombee, Wessels and Associates is one of the best established psycho-legal specialist firms in the country, offering professional services to (amongst others) Adams & Adams, Deneys Reitz, Munro Flowers & Vermaak Attorneys, Kruger & Kelly Inc, Gildenhuis Lessing Malatji Inc., Dyason Attorneys, MF Jassat Dlamini Attorneys, Kekana Hlatshwayo Radebe Inc, and the Office of the State Attorney.



Our associates have extensive corporate experience and are experts in various fields of organizational dynamics, offering a number of specialized skills within the occupational assessment domains. These include strategic planning facilitation, training and development, focused team development, organizational development, climate / culture surveys, general HR management, etc. Schoombee, Wessels & Associates is therefore able to offer our clients a multi-disciplinary approach to the development and implementation of integrated HR interventions / services.